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Toilet Procedure for children in Run

Kerith Kids Toilet Proceedure for children in Run (YrsR to 4) in K2 Hall, Bracknell. Please don’t allow children to go to the toilet during registration or pick up, as the building is busy and the doors are unlocked and... Continue Reading →


At our team meetings recently some points were raised surrounding safeguarding issues. I have spoken to Hilary our Safeguarding Officer and hope the below offers some clarification to the issues raised. K2 General toilets On Sundays, the downstairs K2 general... Continue Reading →

I (just) work with children – I am a (not a) leader!

I'm so grateful we get to lead and serve children in a community that does not think we are 'just' children's workers - but reading this article I was inspired to share it as an encouragement for us all. Praying for increased... Continue Reading →

Building Resilience

" resilient are we as those seeking to parent and minister to the next generation? If we take a moment to stop and think about our lives over the last six months how have we demonstrated resilience to those around... Continue Reading →

Kids +

Our fantastic Kids + team are quite short of members at the moment. Their priority is serving children with additional needs and when they are short on team, they will have to prioritise within those children who receives care. The... Continue Reading →

Rota Swops

It’s been great to see you arranging swops between yourselves, thank you! Please can I just remind you to log these agreed swops onto your rota on MyKerith. It’s really important this happens so that everyone can see your changes and we have a ‘live’ snapshot of who is serving each week. How to arrange […]

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